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Trapzilla 😆😆🤣😆

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Rock I really want to say thank you 🙏 you made me change my ways like I was before eating all kinds of junk food and being lazy but now I’m going to start eating better work out wake up 4 am normally have my 2 hour work out before work then come home work out some more & be displined like you thank you so much rock

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@caleb.209_ you are retarded

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Therock 🇲🇨fans

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Te amo ❤️😍 haceme 15 hijos 🤤😏

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The rock sou seu fã

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Deus abençoe o the rock.

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The best

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😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 handsome

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The rock 🔥

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نشر حسابات 👾❤️👾

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The mountains look good on you.

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hello I'm your Brazilian fan, I would like to know you can follow me back, I would be very happy, I'm in this life from the stages of life to an opportunity as an actor🇧🇷 @therock

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I just got a chance to see Fighting With My Family. Wonderful movie, well done, really elicits a raw emotion that brings excitement. Truly enjoyed it

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I love you rock

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Will you follow me

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@mbc_crayola 😍😍😍😍😍

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دمت گرم راک 🌹💖

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Ur shirt ripped😂😂 just like u