• A recruited audience (quite energetic;) of 400+ people. 
Very high audience scores across the board 👏🏾👍🏾📝 but still much work to be done to sharpen and make better. 
And yup I’m a sucker for fans who get a lil’ emotional around me - one sister can’t breathe and the other one starts to cry. 
That’s my cue - hugs for everyone 😂
Thanks to all for the great work tonight. 
Delivering JUMANJI to the world is gonna be A LOT of fun. 
This Christmas🎄🎅🏾
  • Finish strong. 
All training done in my new #IronWillCollection from @projectrock. Thanks everyone for making us @underarmour’s top seller. 
Enjoy the gear. 
  • Here’s the deal with these things. 
a) they’re very cute. 
c) they taste great. 
  • 🍵❤️ (daddy may have put a little nip of tequila in his tea, cos it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere)
#icherishthesemoments #andgodblessmychair
  • A lil’ procrastination between sets to say thank y’all so much 🙏🏾
For makin’ our new #IronWillCollection for @projectrock & @underarmour such a successful drop. 
Back to work now on my skinny lil’ chicken legs🦵🏾
  • I’ve been a fan of heavyweight world champ @gypsyking101, his toughness, skill sets and relentless ring performances for years now. But it wasn’t until I learned about his journey and battles with mental heath demons that I became a real admirer. Thanks for the sharing your story champ with the world and thanks for the shout out — join me in the Iron Paradise for a workout anytime, brother. Much respect and stay strong ya big 6’9 bastard!!! 🙌🏾💪🏾
  • Cool post from when I was asked to come speak to the @lakers. 
Asked to share my success perspectives and why I have the rep I have. 
I’m a nice guy. Some say the nicest they’ve ever met - which I reject and still give that crown to my friend Tom Hanks 😊
But I always play angry and I always play to fucking kill. 
I take my business extremely serious and I’m willing outwork all competition to get the job done. 
That said, I always keep my hard times & struggles of my past in the forefront of my mind. 
Keeps me hungry, humble and grateful for any opportunity I can create - that either leads to success or failure. 
Good chat w/ the team, thanks for having me and nice to see my words “lock” into a few of your DNAs. 
Thanks to my friends at @makaveli_motivation for the post. 
@jonbrandoncruz 🎥
  • Just dropped my new #PR2s 🔥👟 training shoes for men and women. 
You already made ‘em @underarmour’s #1 seller. 
THANK YOU!!!! 🙏🏾
Keep training hard & driving forward. 
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  • Pink for the win. 
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  • Cool Univ of Miami football throwback 🏈 
1993 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. 
Me and my teammate and workout buddy, Bruce Eberst - big dude wearing the 🧢 lid. 
We rolled into New Orleans undefeated and the #1 team in the country - playing the #2 team, Univ of Alabama for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. 
We lost 34-13. 
Tough loss. Learned a lot. 
I was banged up most of my college career (shoulder reconstruction, three knee surgeries and blew my back out with two total ruptures of my discs) but man these years were formidable and defining. 
Made some good friends and we took pride in being the hardest workers in the country. 
Thanks to my guy and our Heisman Trophy winner, @ginotorretta13 for posting this☝🏾one. 
What a long, winding road life can be. 
#tbt #SugarBowl #NationalChampionship #TheU 
#IthinkIHaveAMullet 🤦🏽‍♂️
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