Tommy Brown
🥂Champagne Therapy Music Group. 📈 Universal Music Group 🌊 Facilitator Of The Function 📩 Enquires:
  • New Partnership w/ @tonyfernandes •|• Taking being fly to a whole new level ✈️
  • Anybody who knows me knows I don’t get emotional..... but this 😢
  • I can’t even explain what this one means to me.. Literally 3 years ago I asked 2 people to take a leap of faith and let’s build something together. They said yes... We went to a lot of labels and they all said no... Met with @scooterbraun he seen the vision and we partnered up. @arianagrande believed from the first song she heard they were special. Moral of the story.. Teamwork is the key to success..
@socialhouse congratulations on your first of many Top 10s
  • Got some time to sit, pray and be thankful for all things coming and all things that came. 🙏🏽 Take nothing for granted and cherish every second.
  • 🥂
  • Phuket •|• 🥂
  • Touchdown in Bangkok 🥂
  • Expectations vs Reality 😁•|•😫
  • @socialhouse Ep out now Everywhere!!
  • @blackpinkofficial
  • Maze
  • Brothers 👨🏽‍🦳👨🏾‍🦱👦🏽