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The reputation Stadium Tour is streaming now on Netflix.
  • According to my birth certificate, I turn 30 this year. It’s weird because part of me still feels 18 and part of me feels 283, but the actual, factual age I currently am is 29. I’ve heard people say that your 30’s are ‘the most fun!’ so I’ll definitely keep you posted on my findings on that when I know. But until then, I thought I’d share some lessons I’ve learned before reaching 30 with @elleusa, because it’s 2019 and sharing is caring.😺 Check in with @elleusa for the piece, posting tomorrow.
  • I love writing songs because I love preserving memories, like putting a picture frame around a feeling you once had.
  • Got to write an essay for @elleuk about songwriting, what musically moves us and why, and the melodies that define our memories. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read it!
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  • ♥️ ME by @quentin_jones ♥️ Thank you @elleuk!
  • She just read all the theories 🙀
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  • A purrito.
  • AHHHHH @thefavouritemovie just won 7 @bafta awards !!! Bout to go give some high fives - thanks @stellamccartney for this dressss 😆
  • This trailer courtesy of Cats the film. Cat hair on my jacket courtesy of actual cats, Meredith and Olivia.