Piers Morgan
Emmy-winner & Heat magazine's Secret Crush 2019.
  • Brilliant night watching LeBron @kingjames in the big LA derby. The Lakers lost to the Clippers, and by his standards LeBron didn’t play very well,  but he’s such a magnificent (and massive!) athlete - imposing, imperious, explosive. And he leaves nothing to chance. His intense focus when he took this free throw was extraordinary. 🔥🔥#Lakers
  • My late, great, highly rebellious grandmother Margot used to delight in wrecking every family photo by pulling silly faces. Elise, whose middle name is the same as her great-grandmother, now proudly carries the torch. 
Lovely spot for lunch though. @nobumaliburestaurant #Malibu
  • Watched The Joker last night, to see if it lives up to all the hype. 
Good, not great film. 
But Joaquin Phoenix is incredible, a frighteningly feral Oscar-winning performance. 
Worth seeing it for him alone.
  • Started Elton’s book.. and already discovered we have something surprising in common: we both used to keep weekly Top40 charts in scrapbooks as teenagers. Not anticipating many more similarities, though I can play a mean Your Song on the piano.
  • Korean food is my guilty gastronomic pleasure.  It tastes a lot better than it looks. 🔥🔥
(UPDATE: @spencermorgan just declared this the worst Insta post ever.)
  • My neighbourhood is very welcoming. 😱
  • Life’s a peach.
  • Happy Birthday little bro @rpmorgan14 - I’ll leave my followers to work out which one’s the little one.. (Clue: I’m the big one)
  • BREAKING: 1st known photo of my eldest son smiling in front of a camera. The hiking 🔥🔥 must have left him delirious.
  • My first hike. 
Nearly killed me but I manned up & got to the summit. 👊
  • Father-son bonding time. 💕
  • Best jet-lag cure.. a gallon of piping hot coffee from the world’s biggest cup, @urthcaffe. 🔥🔥