Piers Morgan
Emmy-winner & Heat magazine's Secret Crush 2019.
  • Train. Wreck. 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈#PrinceAndrew
  • On a turbulent weekend for the royals, one that must be causing the Queen huge dismay, a throwback to happier times.
  • Legless (again) with Amanda. @noholdenback
  • I owe it all to the women on @gmb - obviously. #irishpostawards
  • Silverware! (well, glassware... but it all counts). Great to receive it from two Irish legends @michaelflatleyofficial & @eamonnholmes. Thanks to them for their very kind words & to @theirishpost for a great honour and a lovely night. ☘️ 🇮🇪
  • Meet Uriel, he’s been instructed to stand behind me all night to stop me being ‘mobbed by fans’. I don’t think he’s overly convinced this is an entirely necessary deployment of his world class bodyguard skills... #irishpostawards
  • I think he really wants to hurt me...🤣
  • Penguin party. 
On our way to @theirishpost Awards. ☘️ 🇮🇪
  • Two of my favourite human beings - Abel Lusa, owner of my favourite restaurant and Ellis Watson, my brilliantly bonkers & fantastically loyal friend of 33 years. Fabulous dinner. Thanks to all the Cambio staff as always for their splendid service. 👍@cambiodeterciogroup
  • BREAKING: Just smashed my @onepeloton record in a session so brutal it reduced our instructor @tune2tunde to this at the end... though admittedly, she recovered a lot faster than me. Tunde’s new to Peloton and brilliant. Highly recommend trying one of her classes. And if you’re not into Peloton yet.. trust me, start. 
Never enjoyed working out more. 👊👍🔥
  • Well this is rather nice... Thanks @theirishpost, much appreciated. 👍
  • Holly loved me wrecking her big red carpet moment.. 🤣🤣#itvpalooza @hollywilloughby