• How is my baby girl 22?! 😩 seriously how? But oh my goodness hasn’t this been the most magical 22 years?! Here we are, celebrating your life and how blessed we all are to have you. May we never stop celebrating one another!! May we savor every moment because in a blink, you are now 22. You and Kenny were my practice babies and now you’re 22 😩 pull it together Khloé lol  Happy birthday sweet Kylie! Your love, humor, generosity, confidence, empathy, charm, strength are just a few things I love and adore about you!! We are all so blessed to have you. Luckier to be inspired by what an incredible mommy, sister, daughter and business woman you are. 
Being your sister is one of the greatest blessings life has given me. I sincerely thank God every single day for you and the rest of my family! 
May you continue to be surrounded by blessings, love, happiness and laughter! Cheers to you baby girl! I know you had the most spectacular birthday!!! I will love you until the end of time! I will spend forever proving it 💕
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  • The KoKo Kollection drop 3
  • Man, I am so sore! I love this feeling though. Means I did a little somethin 💪🏽
  • That look you give when you know someone’s s lying but you’re trying to keep it cute 😒
  • A leopard and her cub 🐆
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  • 👑Happy National Sister Day 👑
  • Go ahead, shine! Be great! You got this!
  • 🗣🗣 ANNOUNCEMENT 🗣🗣 I am so excited for @letthelordbewithyou !!! Make sure you guys watch Scott’s new show, @FlipItLikeDisick, premiering this Sunday right before @revengebody on E! #FlipItLikeDisick at 9/8c and #Revengebody at 10/9c
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