1 month once x.switzel.x

@justinbieber you’re fake for this this should be Selena :/

1 month once jazzykatz00

I feel bad for her to be honest

1 month once pankaj___17

Nice pic

1 month once rizkipdn


1 month once asiamoses

💋💋💋 ARE YOU INTO PDA?? 🤷🏼‍♀️ We just released our newest vlog today on #PDA ~ watch us ask strangers on Melrose what they think about public displays of affection. ❤️

1 month once jessmfontes

Quando que esse menino casou, que tô sabendo só agora.. bomba @raaissacred

1 month once raaissacred

@jhessmfontes amiga tem uns 5 meses kkkkkk

1 month once jessmfontes

@raaissacred foi em setembro, saiu NADA a respeito. Só fiquei sabendo pelo @gossipdodia

1 month once raaissacred

@jhessmfontes hahahahaha amei

1 month once fullspiritquotes

He is real one 💕

1 month once swartashlee15

ya I know I’m a fan of her to on drop the mike

1 month once lilymcmasterr

hey the janitor called he wants his mop back

1 month once hails_jb

@jhessmfontes Se casou no dia 13 de setembro de 2018🥰❤️🙏🏾

1 month once hails_jb


1 month once tanvi_bhati_ta

Be happy in ur life. God always bless u❤️.but JB Selena is best for u.😍

1 month once alexandraaaa_127

@scooterbraun 😂😂😂

1 month once delfu_blanco

Do you say?

1 month once biiah_pimentaah

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1 month once romita_z

1 month once ju.liafonseca

@oigomes.g “esposa”

1 month once oigomes.g

@ju.liafonseca aiiii mds mentira aaaaaa😍😍😍

1 month once amirmahdi4061


4 weeks once rrr.1985


4 weeks once bliss_mitchell

monroe, wi

4 weeks once brenodallariva

@walbertorezani pica nao bobagem

4 weeks once elchapo4597


4 weeks once dory_pz

I esa better with Selena Gómez 👌😥

4 weeks once dory_pz


4 weeks once pavilady

Justin,plz come back to selena....

4 weeks once tatianaromanowsky

I’m wishing divorce for all the Selena fans who are evil and twisted, I hope you psychos get dumped by your boyfriends and fiancé’s, husbands etc.

4 weeks once thatsmydiary__


4 weeks once lakhan___rajpurohit

Who is she ? Can someone tell me her id ??

4 weeks once maryam.suju

@lakhan___rajpurohit @haileybieber his wife

4 weeks once bkerr976

She's the real beauty

3 weeks once charito64

Hailey is amazing, just make her happy all the time, love!

3 weeks once charito64