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#HelloFrom Wat Samphran, a temple in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. 🦎 “The dragon has always been one of my favorite mythological creatures and seeing one being wrapped around a building/temple like this makes this place seem like something out of fantasy,” says photographer Nathan Ackley (@nathan_ackley).⁣⁣
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Photo by @nathan_ackley
  • Sagittarius Shera Kerienski (@shera) is her fire sign through and through. “I’m always optimistic, trying to spread good energy, very frank and — the worst thing — I’ll talk before I think,” says the 26-year-old French artist and video creator. “I love to express my passion and humor through my zodiac sign videos.” ♐️🔥 ⁣
Spend a day with Shera as she takes us through the personalities of every sign in the zodiac. To learn more about the #CoeurSurParis experience happening this weekend in Paris, see the link in our bio.
  • Meet today’s #WeeklyFluff, Jamie (@hurricanejamie_), a 4-year-old bull terrier who loves to jump around. “When she spotted a broken trampoline at a friend’s cabin, she instantly got on it and started to jump,” says her human Anna. “She loves it.”⁣
Video by @hurricanejamie_
  • “Makeup is a form of art, and there ain’t no rules!” says 15-year-old creator Ossi (@ossiglossy). 🍋 🔥⁣⁣
“My favorite part of being a content creator is that I can make people feel happy with sharing the things that make me happy.” This weekend, Ossi will be hanging out at Glowcon (@glowcon) in Berlin. “For me, the best part is meeting the people that support me every single day. It always feels like I’m meeting friends.” 💓⁣⁣
Photo by @ossiglossy
  • Welcome to the Sharona Franklin’s (@paid.technologies) botanical cake museum, where her edible jellies are made with love. “I’m drawn to working with food and botanicals,” says the multidisciplinary artist and writer, who adds found objects like thrift store finds and costume jewelry into the mix. “Each sculpture is improvised,” she says. “I work towards melding them into a unifying state where aspects of science, technology, theology and nature converge.”⁣
Photos by @paid.technologies
  • #DoYouFollow footballer brothers Kawan and Bawan Hussaini — better known as @knucklebros? These freestylers practice every day at home Askim, Norway, and started an Instagram account to document Kawan’s skills. FTR: “Knuckleball” is a ball that is angled and kicked a certain way to trick the goalie. ⁣
In our new series #DoYouFollow, we’re diving deep into some of Instagram’s most popular interests and the people who make them awesome. Learn more about Kawan and Bawan on IGTV, and see more freestyling moves from the amazing #freestyling community on today’s story.
  • It’s time to make some crazy kicks with football freestyler brothers Kawan and Bawan Hussaini (@knucklebros) on our new series #DoYouFollow, which dives deep into some of Instagram’s most popular interests and the people who make them awesome. ❤️
  • See. Hear. Smell. Taste. Touch. #Mukbang is a big part of Korean food culture, and it’s a big part of creator Jae-hoon Lee’s (@gongsam_table) life. “I prefer foods with crispy texture, because I can produce more clear and vivid chewing with them than other foods,” says Jae-hoon.⁣⁣
Video by @gongsam_table
  • Embroidery artist ipnot’s (@ipnot) creations bring a modern style to an ancient craft. Her realistic, miniature food-inspired pieces have a 3D quality that lifts them from the surface on which they are sewn. “I use my needle like a paintbrush and I stitch one knot at a time,” she says.

Photo and video by @ipnot
  • #HelloFrom Balochistan, Pakistan. “Surrounded by a desert, hiking up to the edge of a dormant mud volcano is guaranteed to be special,” says photographer Matthieu Paley (@paleyphoto), who captured this mother and daughter holding hands at the crater’s edge. ⁣ ⁣
Photo by @paleyphoto
  • Meet today’s #WeeklyFluff. This is Mr. Bigglesworth (@mrbigglesworthrabbit), a cheeky boy bunny who acts more like a dog than a 🐰. The hairless Rex rabbit was born with a rare genetic condition that keeps him homebound, but doesn’t stop his playful antics. “He is a survivor and inspires people around the world not to give up,” says his human Cassandra. 💓⁣
Photo by @mrbigglesworthrabbit
  • “While you’re surfing, you become one with nature,” says 16-year-old pro surfer Kyllian Guerin (@kg_surfer). “My favorite part of surfing is taking barrels — the unique feeling of throwing yourself in a powerful tunnel and coming out after having tamed the strength of the ocean. Nothing comes above it for me.” ⁣ ⁣
Photo of @kg_surfer by @chachfiles