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  • What a pleasure it was to shoot and direct my first music video with these lovely people ❤️❤️ 🎥 Dir @BrooklynBeckham 🎥 Dir @Louisvberry 💻 Edit @Callum_pearsonn
🙋‍♂ CA @js__visuals 💁‍♂ CA @vidstos
💇‍♀ MUA @Brodiemayhewmua
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  • Can’t wait for this weekend x looking forward to listening to some great music ❤️
  • Fig and olive ❤️❤️
  • Happy birthday to the best lil sister ever xx love you x have the best day ❤️❤️
  • @annanooshin and I went to South Africa recently to support @globalfund and @gatesfoundation. We met Sipho, an amazing young South African woman living with HIV, featured in this picture. When she smiles, she radiates so much happiness. Thanks to the innovations in treatment, progress in HIV care has been transformative for Sipho and others. Thanks to @globalfund, these treatments are accessible to young people worldwide. But this shouldn't stop us from continuing to fight AIDS and the stigma many HIV-positive young adults still have to face.
So grateful I got to go on this trip and thrilled to hear that the UK will continue supporting @globalfund amazing work.  @annanooshin video with Sipho will be up within the next days
  • Such a pleasure to shoot the @notion cover. And such a honour to shoot this talented young lady.. @amaloumusic.
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  • Happy anniversary mum and dad xx love you guys so much xx have a wonderful day ❤️❤️
  • So much fun at Glastonbury ❤️❤️❤️